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It’s A Tea Party!

January 12, 2022 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Yep, It’s a Tea Party!
(Not the Boston kind, and not the political party kind…the fun kind!)

What a great way to treat guests, or yourself. From simple to complex, teas and tisanes have been used in ceremonies; to cool down on a hot day; to warm up on a cold day; to ease maladies; or just for the simple reason that it tastes yummy.

The drinking of tea offers a seemingly never-ending variety of tastes and aromas that not only can please your senses, but can offer an equally vast variety of health benefits as well. Whether you prefer true teas or choose herbal tisanes, the flavors and aromas are nearly endless. The region where the tea or herbs are grown, the soil type they grow in, and the process the teas or herbs undergoes, all have an effect on the taste, aroma, and even the health benefits.

Little known fact: Did you know the Boston Tea Party was only one of many tea parties throughout the colonies? It started with a small tax that was implemented without representation. The 1773, the Tea Act was passed by the British Parliament to save the East India Trading Company from bankruptcy. It wasn’t so much the amount of the tax (3 pence per pound) that upset the colonists, but rather a matter of principle. In the Boston Harbor alone, over 90,000 pounds of tea was thrown overboard by the Son’s of Liberty.

But alas, this is not that kind of tea party….

Come learn the difference between Tea and an Herbal Tisane. Learn about steeping, simmering, and making decoctions and infusions. What makes for a “scented” tea verses a “flavored” tea?

Tea also has various flavor and aroma terminology. We’ll discuss them, as we smell and taste a variety of teas to experience them first hand.

So let’s put our taste buds and our olfactories to work!


January 12, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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Herbal Med Rx


Mother Lode Exchange
1324 Jackson Gate Road
Jackson, CA 95642 United States
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