Organically grown and hand-made herbal products are important, not just for our physical and mental health, but for our planet’s sustainability.

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    A Spring Tonic is a combination of herbs or foods that support the organs of elimination. In Chinese…

    April 2 @ 2:00 pm4:00 pm
  • Introduction to your MAC Computer

    Held at Ranch Runamuck, Pine Grove (Home of Herbal Med Rx) Two opportunities for this workshop: Mond…

    April 3 @ 12:00 pm2:00 pm
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If you’ve had a wonderful experience with our products please share it with us.

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Womyns Ways Tea

Dear Su,
Hi There!
Great news! Today is the first day without waking to hot flashes. Wow! Miracle blend!

I love Loose Goose!

I can’t rave enough about the Loose Goose Liniment! It is absolutely amazing. I use it for my ligament problems in my knee and for the Carpal Tunnel in my wrist. When it flares up and I can’t even hold my toothbrush in my hand, I make a poultice and by the next morning, I can use my hand again!

Winter Holiday Cheer

“That winter cheer tea blend is amazing. I have been cold all day and I had one lukewarm cup and I am sweating!! My new favorite! Thanks.

I’ve tried many

There are so many good products out these days that it’s hard to know what to pick. I can say without a doubt that Su’s healing salves, ointments, teas are by far the most effective and healing products I have ever used! I KNOW that they are made with organic herbs and love.
I CANNOT live without them ! My body would go into shock.
Some of my favs are the CBD salve and Heal It All salve. Also love the lip balms.

Reliable and Professional

I have relied upon Su and the professionals at HerbalMedRx for years, to help boost my immune system and repair/defend my older tendons and ligaments. HerbalMedRx seems to always have the right medicinal for me, and sometimes it’s a tincture, sometimes an herbal supplement. I highly recommend the goods AND services at HerbalMed.

I’m a Big Fan!

I have been using the terrific products from Herbal Med Rx for a number of years now and It’s great to know I’m utilizing things that are organic and have been lovingly crafted. My current favorites – actually I have always liked to keep them on hand – are the teas. The “Clean out Calm Down and Energize” and the “Lung and Bronchial Support” are  lifelines for me right now, and an oasis of healthful peace – not to mention the fact that they really taste great!  Su  is constantly adding to her knowledge and is intent on turning her discoveries into new and useful products and blends for her clients. Anyone interested in natural healing as close to the ultimate source as possible – Mother Nature herself — would do well to explore the many helpful products offered here.

Wonder Products

There are literally 35 different products from Herbal Med Rx that surround my home. Many products I use daily like the lip gloss, Breathe Ease Nasal Inhaler and especially the Vocal Comfort and Clarity. I’m a therapist that talks for hours with clients and the vocal spray is a life saver for my voice. You’d think I have an apothecary in my home for all purposes from Herbal Med Rx. Su’s products are all made with love and care with an extra dose of intention to heal others. It’s really the best!

Best Thing For Athlete Recovery

As a competitive rugby player for the past 10 years, I have tried every sports and muscle product on the market for my various injuries, aches and pains. Su’s healing CBD salves and oils are far and away the best thing I have ever used, and have worked for me on everything from minor bruises and sore muscles to major injuries such as recovering from orthopedic surgery on my arm and a torn hamstring. These products are THE reason I am able to continue to recover and perform at an elite level.

Heal It All

We love all your products! Thank you for making such high quality, luscious,
skin products. The Heal It All salve really does heal it all!

Carpel tunnel & tingly numb fingers

Thank you again for making the purchase so easy & convenient!  My husband took a header off his mountain bike a couple weeks ago and injured his wrist pretty badly.  A couple weeks into the healing process he started to develop carpel tunnel from tingly/numb fingers and then awful nerve pain at night.  I massaged Dave’s wrist with the herbal salve [Cannabidiol Salve] per instructions and last night was the first time he had no pain and was able to sleep through the night!  Your magic potion has another happy customer. Thank you so much!


I am a bit remiss here, but wanted to let you know what a FABULOUS time I had at the wreath making workshop on Sunday!  What a phenomenal group of women to hang and create with.  Mary Lou is so engaging & fun, allowing us to tap into our creative instincts while making our wreaths. Your lunch was truly exquisite and Mike’s dessert was delicious.  Looking forward seeing you at one of the spa days this summer.
Hope you have a beautiful day!
P.S.  I am loving the CBD roll on for my neck!

Thank You

Thank you so much for another wonderful class! I have learned so much from you! If I were younger, I’d love to be your apprentice! Can’t wait to see you again. Your new products I got are DIVINE!

Stephanie Afshar, Soulsbyville, CA

Holiday Gift Making Workshop

Thank you for the fun class the other night with making so many good things for us. I will feel pampered for sure–I hope to share some of what I made with friends, too.