Essential Herbal Roll-On


.35 oz

This is a organic, herbal and essential oil topical in a glass Roll-On applicator bottle.

A great travel companion!

Ingredients: Organic Arnica montana, organic Lavender, organic Yarrow, organic White Willow Bark, organic Chamomile, infused in organic oils of Hemp Seed, Olive, Coconut, Sunflower & Castor Oil. Organic Pure Essential Oils of Helichrysum, Peppermint, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Lavender, Camphor. Organic ingredients are from certified organic sources.


A convenient, winning combination! This is a family fav, especially when traveling in the summer months. (Won’t melt in the sun or in a hot car, like salves/ointments which should reside in your home cabinet or on your night stand next to your bed in hot weather!)

Next time you need to massage some oil on a particular area of the body, reach for this convenient roll-on.

We are prohibited from citing any information about herbs used in our products, or directing you to other site where such information might exist, if the FDA has not evaluated/approved them.

Directions: Simply apply using roll-on applicator and gently massage the oil in, as often as desired. Remember, it’s not how much you use, it’s how consistent you are with applications.

For external use only.

Great size for traveling. Buy two, and keep one in the car!

*Check out our Essential Herbal Massage Oil, for an all-body experience of skin conditioning and soothing. Great to use in or after a hot bath too!

Note: As with all herbs or therapies, we suggest you talk with your health care practitioner before using product, particularly if you are taking medications, supplements, are pregnant, nursing, or have an illness of any kind. For information purposes only. Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure illness, disease or conditions. Not evaluated by the FDA.

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Weight 6 oz
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