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Our Mission

To share information regarding the efficacy and importance of using organic, herbal health care products and to create these products for sale. To encourage self-esteem and self-reliance through meaningful connections while encouraging the practice of compassion, personal & planetary responsibility and wellness.


Locally grown and made medicine is important, not just for our physical and mental health, but for our planet’s sustainability. We grow many of the herbs in our products here on the ranch, and when we need to purchase them we use reputable, sustainable, companies. We never use synthetic pesticides or synthetic, non-organic fertilizers of any kind and any herbs we order are certified organic. We get excited when preparing herbal blends for salves, teas, liniments, massage oils, etc. Heck, we get excited when we see anything growing or blooming anywhere! It all keeps us connected to the natural healing cycles of this wonderful blue ball we call home and with ancient cultures that have shown us the ways. 

We hope you enjoy our information, insights and herbal products!

Happy healing,